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We work directly with organizations, companies and governmental agencies to identify behavioral leverage points in their initiatives, then assist in the design and implementation of cost-effective and scalable behavioral strategies.

Here are some of the projects we have worked on recently:

Contra Costa Transportation Authority

Transportation project in Contra Costa County

ClimateWorks Foundation

Root Solutions worked with ClimateWorks to develop a comprehensive concept note that explored various pathways for philanthropic organizations to integrate behavioral insights into their operations. Check out this blog post for a summary of our recommendations.

Turning the Page AASHE

Our publication with AASHE, where we share a process for selecting target audiences and behaviors, understanding the drivers of your audience’s behavior and selecting the right suite of interventions to change behavior.

Take the Pledge - Surfrider

Oregon Rise Above Plastics Month (Surfrider Oregon)

Carbon Neutrality

We conducted a determinants analysis to understand and address barriers to students engaging in carbon neutrality initiatives across UC campuses. Our research and recommendations along with that of our partners, was published in the report "Strategic Communication o Achieve Carbon Neutrality within the University of California".


We are partnering with The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education to help 11 universities develop and implement behavior-based paper saving programs.

The Marine Mammal Center

We worked with Marine Mammal Center to determine the actions visitors are most likely to take to solve the dangers facing marine mammals.

511 Contra Costa

Transportation project in Contra Costa County

Surfrider Butt Campaign

Surfrider San Francisco - Hold On To Your Butts Campaign for cigarette butt litter prevention

Haas Paper Saving Challenge

Paper Saving Challenge at Haas School of Business - Completed Fall 2019.


We worked with Quantum Energy Services & Technologies understand what type of feedback will be most beneficial to its business customers.

Seabird Protection Network

We are helping the Seabird Protection Network determine how best to promote small aircraft pilots to fly above 1000 feet over critical habitat.

Rising Sun Center for Opportunity

We worked with Rising Sun Energy to enhance their home energy and water auditing approach with behavior based strategies.

The Nature Conservancy

We worked with The Nature Conservancy to apply behavior design principles to create lasting solutions for the California drought.