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The Making Shift Happen Team

Writing a book is harder than we anticipated and more rewarding than we could have ever imagined. We couldn’t have done it without the substantial contributions of

  • Pauline Miller, who helped formulate the Building Blocks
  • Nicole Hilaire, Karina Mudd, and Susan Schneider, who co-authored multiple chapters and contributed to many others
  • Jess Beebe, Nicholas Janusch, Jessica Robbins, David Festa, Alex Michael Clark, Anjana Krishnan, Love Goyal, and Ted Toombs

It really does take a team of superstars to write such a book as this. Thank you to everyone who helped research, develop content, fact-check, edit and support the making of Making Shift Happen in various ways:

Aida Akbarkhani, Lauren Balotin, Johanna Bankston, Sonya Bengali, Aditya Benyamin, Danielle Blech, Shelby Bocks, Sarah Brenkle, Suzanne Burrows, Sage Campbell, Jennifer Chan, Renhui Chen, Phoebe Chiu, Kelly Chu, Madeline Chua, Emily J Clark, Nicole Cocolas, Sarah Ann Coffin, Jade Cooper, Alison Corn, Kirby Culbertson, Shruti Desai, Mindy Domurat, Lauren Dung, Tiffany Edwards, Sahar Esfandyari, Kaitlyn Fu, Eli Fujita, Justine Zoe Gapayao, Robert Garcia, Lauren Genn, Fidel Gilchrist, Allie Goguen, Devin Grace Gill, Joe W Graham, Hannah Hampson, Julie Hassen, Amanda Hausman, Camille, Herrera, Corinna Hong, Flannery Houston, Josh Hubert, Edwin Ip, Adrianna Nicole Jensen, Kevin Ji, Abby Karp, Thomas Kelleher, Gavin Kellerman, Alison Kibe, Jackson Kuramoto, James Lainsbury, Sravya Lanka, Janette Lares, Michael Lee, Micaela Leonarte Paredes, Chao Liu, Catherine Lopez, Jed Mariz Acosta Nugal, Cameron McKee, Kerry McKee, Madeline McNeilis, Daniel Metherell, Cristina Morejón, Lucy Morrison, Elizabeth Muir, Koya Oki, Derrick Osbeck, Fiona Osborn, Omar Oseguera, Aaron Pope, Brendan Redmond, Ellen Robertson, Paulina Savage, Michael T Sheley, Caroline Skrobak, Alexandra May Smith, Kristee Song, Haley Steinhauser, Jessica Stubbs, Mira Swaminathan, Gwyneth Teo, Su-Lin Terhell, Elena Rose Thomas, Christine Tsai, Molly Watters, Chunyue Wei, Nicola White, Jennifer Witherspoon, Wendy Wu, and Vivian Zhang.

While this book wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of all of these people, any errors are our own.