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Below are instructions on how to create an account and leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and New Society. 


  1. Visit the link above
  2. Scroll down to Customer Reviews and below it you will see “Review This Product”
  3. Click “Write a customer review”
  4. Sign in to your Amazon account
  5. Select a star rating and write your own review (helpful tips below)
  6. Click “Submit”


  1. Sign up for or sign in to your Goodreads account
  2. Once signed-in, then visit the link above
  3. Beneath the image of the book & green “Want To Read” button is the text “Rate this book”
  4. Hover over the stars and click to submit a star rating
  5. Text will appear over the stars saying “Thanks for rating. Write a review.”
  6. Click “Write a review”
  7. Enter a review into the text box (optional)
  8. Click “Post”

New Society

  1. Visit the link above
  2. On the right-side of the page above the book summary, there are tabs
  3. Click on the tab “Reader Reviews”
  4. Complete all fields including the star rating
  5. Click “Submit Review”

Why is this important?

Have you ever purchased something on Amazon that had zero reviews? I haven’t! This goes back to social norms. Help us make behavior design strategy the norm for all environmental campaigns.

What should I write in my review?

Your review should be written in your own voice. Short & sweet is fine!

Alternatively, here is some advanced praise we received for the book that might help you craft a longer message of your own: 


This book gives us a gift we have needed for a long time—an engagingly written, scientifically grounded treatment of what specific steps we each can take to combat the specter of climate change and its toxic effects. Count me impressed. 
Robert B. Cialdini, Author, Influence and Pre-Suasion

Making Shift Happen is a fascinating workshop-in-a-book that takes practitioners through the entire intervention design and implementation process of creating the conditions under which change happens, grows, and endures. 
Raymond De Young, Professor, Environmental Psychology and Planning, University of Michigan; Co-Author, The Localization Reader

Making Shift Happen brings behavioral science alive, weaving research findings with practical examples. The book provides foundations and principles that can be used to advance a sustainable future. It’s timely…grounded in behavioral science…and practical. 
Wesley Schultz, Professor, Psychological Science, California State University

Making Shift Happen distills the key lessons from social science to provide a roadmap to developing effective, durable, large-scale behavior change programs. Blending a sophisticated understanding of social science with an obvious concern for the environment, this book will become a standard guide for designing behavior change programs.
Michael P. Vandenbergh, Professor, David Daniels Allen Distinguished Chair of Law; Vanderbilt University Law School; Director, Climate Change Research Network

What if I contributed to the book?

If you were kind enough to help with the book in some way, you can write about what stands out to you, e.g.:

  • “A lot of interesting studies”
  • “Helped me understand why I make certain decisions and how to overcome barriers to make better choices for the planet”
  • “Would be great for a college course on the subject; walks you from start to finish on creating your own environmental campaign”
  • “Now I see simple solutions for encouraging behavior change and feel confident in applying these tools at my own organization/university”
Together we can make a difference. Thank you for your support!