Post To Your Own Social Media - 1 Entry Per Social

Get creative and craft your own social media post announcing the book launch!

You can use this book image to craft your own design or use a ready-made design that is sized for one of the socials below along with our corresponding social handle. Just don’t forget to tag us:

  • Facebook = @therootsolutions
  • Instagram = @root_solutions
  • Twitter = @root_solutions
  • LinkedIn = @the-root-solutions

    *NOTE: The handle you tag should match the handle in the image if you post to the corresponding social platform! 🙂

In addition, feel free to use a few of our most relevant hashtags:


Why is this important?

We need to spread the word! Think about how roots branch off and reach far & wide to create the strongest support system. This is what we need to make a real difference – to branch out and get this information to as many sustainability champions as possible!

What should I write for the caption?

Use your own words to convey the importance of this book launch to you on a personal level, then to the planet and all of its inhabitants on a global level.

If you’re reading this, you’re already on our side and fighting the good fight alongside us. Rally the troops with the same passion that made you support us from the start (and know how forever grateful we are for that support).

⁺Post must receive a minimum of 12 likes or 2 shares to earn an entry.

How can I get there quickly?

Click on any icon below to visit the social media platform of your choice. Thank you, thank you!

Together we can make a difference. Thank you for your support!