Our Process

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Developing a behavior based campaign

We work directly with non-profits, governmental agencies and companies to identify behavior-based solutions, then assist in the design and implementation of cost-effective and scalable strategies.

We offer a step-by-step approach, rooted in human centered design, for integrating behavioral insights into both new and ongoing projects. No matter where you need help, our process can help.

Initiation Phase
Identify the ideal audience, the key influencers, and the early adopters of your campaign mission. Cultivate an understanding of the social forces, values, and beliefs that influence your audience’s behavior and shape their perception of the issue. Refine the campaign strategy and goals to complement the goals, values and social world of your audience.
Ideation Phase
Using prior successes, bright spots and fresh insights, brainstorm unique behavioral approaches. Determine the optimal target environmental behaviors – considering benefits, barriers, feasibility, cost-effectiveness, probability of adoption and potential impacts.

Behavioral Diagnostics

For the selected target behaviors, identify the social, situational, or cognitive barriers that stand in the way of audience action. Pinpoint the key motivators that will lead to selected behaviors. Design a suite of targeted behavioral interventions using our behavioral building blocks. Develop a specialized behavioral or messaging prototype to test on the target audience.
We espouse an iterative approach to Piloting and Implementation that is responsive to audience feedback. We work directly with clients to pilot or evaluate their campaigns and projects.