511 Contra Costa – Transportation Mobile Apps

511 Sustainable Transportation Mobile Apps

As a part of our shared mission to encourage lasting changes in transportation behavior, Root Solutions partnered with 511 CC to help them in the development of an app to make sustainable transportation easier for the public. Specifically, we explored mobile apps that reward people using sustainable transportation, conducted audience research to determine transportation app usage, and created a detailed rubric for evaluating transportation apps for effectiveness so 511 CC could evaluate potential app partnerships or produce an in-house app that motivates more sustainable commuting behavior choices. We provided strategic marketing advice for the (future) app, considering audience psychographics and demographics.

We also researched the motivators and barriers of transportation options and what influences transportation mode choice to help 511 CC evaluate current strategies and programs and develop effective future strategies to reduce use of single-occupancy vehicles, to lessen traffic congestion and improve environmental and health outcomes.

511 Contra Costa is a countywide Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program with the goal of reducing pollution and congestion to improve air quality by providing the public with information, resources, and tools that promote sustainable transport alternatives beyond driving alone. They help employers make worksites accessible by bike and carpool-friendly, and support work from home, micromobility, the switch to electric vehicles, and other emerging mobility trends that reduce CO2 emissions.