Climate Action Now – App

Climate Action Now – An app designed for Environmental Behavior Change

The Climate Action Now App is designed to make it easy and rewarding for ordinary citizens to amplify their voices on behalf of the planet. We worked with the founder from the very early ideation phase, on the strategy of everything from the wireframe to the messaging, to the interventions to the use of rewards. To round out our engagement, we also trained the founder and his staff on our entire design centered approach and behavior change best practices. Climate Action Now is rated exceptionally well in app stores.


Climate Action Now is dedicated to deepening the public’s understanding of the climate crisis and inspiring action in response. They research climate issues, provide resource links, and craft compelling messages for app users to personalize and send to political and business leaders.

“If you are wondering how the latest social science can be applied to help you better target and persuade your target audience, the Root Solutions training is a must. They have done the hard work for you, reviewing and mastering the essential findings, and presenting them succinctly and convincingly in a well-crafted and effective workshop. I recommend this without reservation.”
Brett Walter
Founder and CEO, Climate Action Now