Contra Costa Transportation Authority 680

Fostering behavioral shifts from single-occupancy vehicles toward active, shared, and sustainable modes of transportation

The Innovate 680 initiative of the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) is taking a multipronged approach to addressing congestion in Contra Costa County with the ultimate goal of improving residents’ quality of life through increased accessibility, reduced travel time, better air quality, safer roads, and less congestion. Innovate 680 has developed six projects that will work in tandem to provide alternate modes of transport for all travelers along Interstate 680 in the short-term, and modernize the 680 corridor into a more sustainable transportation system in the future. Those six projects include: part-time transit lanes, express lane completion, advanced transportation technologies, shared mobility hubs, automated driving systems, and mobility-as-a-service. Together, these projects will provide reliable and efficient transit options to improve flow along one of the Bay Area’s most congested roadways.  

Root Solutions was brought on to serve as the transportation behavior change consultant on the Innovate 680 program; we conducted extensive primary and secondary research to guide the development and marketing of 680’s six projects. The result from our landscape, user and determinants analyses informed CCTA’s decisions about which projects to pursue, as well as which audiences to focus on first (e.g., people who are willing to drive less, commuters, etc.), and which behaviors to encourage county residents to take up (e.g., riding BART, biking to work, etc.). Because CCTAs new programs are a model for other transportation authorities, our work is helping to foster behavioral shifts from single-occupancy vehicles toward active, shared, and sustainable modes of transportation in California and beyond.

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) works to plan, fund, and implement a wide variety of innovative transit projects and programs that help manage traffic congestion and improve the quality of life for commuters and residents. As part of their broader commitment to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions to improve air quality, CCTA supports programs that encourage solo drivers to opt for more environmentally-friendly options like carpools, buses, ferries, cycling, etc.