Making Shift Happen


This workshop-in-a-book offers strategies for creating, implementing, and scaling campaigns grounded in the science of how people think, make decisions, and act. Its focus on deep capacity building empowers individuals, organizations, and institutions to lead impactful campaigns that frequently yield a powerful return on investment. Published by New Society Publishers, and authored by Nya Van Leuvan, Lauren Highleyman, Rod Fujita, and Ashleigh Kellerman, Making Shift Happen won a Gold Medal Nautilus Book Award alongside notable winners like Thích Nhất Hạnh, Barbara Kingsolver, Deepak Chopra, and Robin Wall Kimmerer.

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"Completely fascinating―we've learned a lot about the ways minds work in the last decades and that may help us figure out how to appeal to our better angels more effectively than in the past. Rest assured that people who want to sell us junk are paying attention to these insights―the rest of us better do so too!"
Bill McKibben
Author, The End of Nature
"This book gives us a gift we have needed for a long time―an engagingly written, scientifically grounded treatment of what specific steps we each can take to combat the specter of climate change and its toxic effects. Count me impressed."
Robert Cialdini
Author, Influence and Pre-Suasion
"'Making Shift Happen' brilliantly reveals that the only way to make meaningful progress on complex environmental issues is to understand that they must be addressed as human issues, requiring far more than traditional, facile solutions. I sincerely hope the remarkable wisdom and practical guidance offered here will be embraced by practitioners and funders. It would be transformational."
Steve McCormick
Managing director, Draper Richard Kaplan Foundation, former president, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, former president and CEO, The Nature Conservancy