Marine Mammal Center – Visitor Experience

Harnessing visitor interest in taking action

Visitors to the Marine Mammal Center have the unique opportunity to view patients recovering from various illnesses or injuries – many of which are caused directly or indirectly by human behavior. The Center educates its visitors on the activities that lead to ocean pollution, acidification, and warming. After understanding the problem and seeing the impact on dozens of injured and sick marine mammals, visitors are inspired to take action. Root Solutions partnered with the Center to harness this interest.

Root Solutions worked with Marine Mammal Center visitors, examining the values, beliefs, and perceived norms surrounding the problem of injured marine mammals. We explored the calls to action that resonate most with visitors, as well as barriers to performing these actions. We designed a commitment campaign based on this research and data illustrating which behaviors are already being performed by most people and what actions visitors already have mastery over. The Marine Mammal Center used our recommendations to focus a campaign on reducing the use of single-use plastics.

The Marine Mammal Center is the world’s largest marine mammal hospital and education facility. The Center advances global ocean conservation through marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation, scientific research, and education. Visitors to the center can see the impact of plastics pollution and climate change on populations of marine mammals.

"Root Solutions provided The Marine Mammal Center with an effective evaluation framework, helping shine a light on what our visitors feel motivated to take action on.

This will enable us to customize new programs and campaigns to help reach our audiences with key messaging and important, customized calls to action for environmental stewardship."
Adam Ratner
Director of Conservation Engagement, The Marine Mammal Center