Quest – Energy Feedback

Feedback for Energy Upgrade Customers

Providing feedback and enabling people to see the results of their actions can be a powerful vehicle for change. Feedback can foster a sense of empowerment, and lead to richer engagement and a deeper participation in environmental initiatives.

Quantum Energy Services & Technologies, along with their partner SmartLights, helps small to medium-size businesses make smart decisions and investments in energy efficiency upgrades.

Root Solutions is surveying SmartLights energy efficiency upgrade customers, to find out what type, frequency, and modality of energy use information will be the most useful and appealing to them.

“QuEST brings practical engineering and technical innovations together in solutions that give clients a high return on their energy investments.” They help small companies become more energy-efficient by offering free start-to-finish technical assistance and instant rebates to help defray the cost of upgrading and/or repairing existing equipment.